Welcome to Precious Puch Doggie Bakery

Welcome To

Precious Puch Doggie Bakery we specialize in small batch dog treats and handmade Bandanas & Oversize Bows , and a lot more!

Precious Puch Doggie Treats

We make all are treats in small batches and Low Heat to save the nutritional value of all treats and super topers, we don't use any preservatives in our treats or cakes, we are all natural doggie bakery we use the finest natural ingredients in our treats and cakes.

Welcome To our Dog Mom Shop

Our mission is to enrich the relationship between dog moms and their beloved pups with our handmade dog bandanas and Oversize Bow Ties . We aspire to elevate moments, spark joy, and celebrate the unique bond that makes our pups an irreplaceable part of our lives. 

I make custom cakes it's a 3 week wait list, Pickup only at one of my Farmer markets or if you can don't want to wait you can pickup a Stock cake at one of my many store's I sell to all my cakes are made this human grade food no sugar or salt, I have over 8 different Flavors for more info Please Email us for Custom Orders

There to pickup a cake?

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